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As a manufacturer of reliable access control products for more than 25 years, Cansec Systems knows first-hand that security doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve taken that to heart in everything we do, from product development, to customer service, to technical support – and we’re making things simple.


Which is best?  A two reader access control panel or a four reader access control panel?

Answer: YES

If you need two readers, a two reader controller is best.  If you need four readers, a four reader controlller is best.

The MAP1 Modular Access Panel provides a simple solution to this problem.  A standard MAP1 can be provisioned for two readers or four readers.  The MSRP when provisioned for two readers is $1,083  When provisioned for four readers the MSRP is $2,000.  You can even upgrade a two door MAP1 to a four door MAP1 in the field for MSRP $1,000 - no additional controller hardware required.  Simply load the new provisioning code into the MAP1 and you are done.

In addition to being provisioned for the number of readers supported, the MAP1 can be provisioned to work with Cansec's Cloud Lock subscription based service or Cansec's First Access software (a traditional client/server solution.

With the magic of provisioning, one size does fit all.

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Cansec Oops Warranty

You know how some days everything goes great and other days nothing seems to be going your way. We all have bad days occasionally. Like perhaps you are installing one of Cansec’s controllers and you happen to drop the circuit board. The law of Selective Gravity dictates that it will fall on the corner and break.

Or maybe, in spite of your highly honed installation skills, a stray piece of wire shorts out a track or two on a circuit board resulting in its demise.

With everyone else’s product, that honest mistake will cost you. But now, with Cansec’s Oops Warranty, your day will be a bit brighter because we have your back. Just let us know that you are sending back a product under the Oops Warranty, give us an Oops PO for the replacement product and we will send you an advance replacement. We will even pick up the standard shipping costs. When we receive the broken product, we will issue a credit against the Oops PO.

The Oops Warranty only applies to Cansec manufactured products and is valid for 30 days from the date the product was shipped. It goes into effect August 1, 2015.

And don’t forget, Cansec manufactured products still carry an industry leading 5 year warranty.

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Emergency Lockdown

Emergency Lockdown

One subject which ALWAYS comes up when discussing access control at schools is the issue of emergency lockdown. The image is of a big red button which, when pressed, will lock all or select controlled access doors.
Sounds simple doesn’t it? Turns out it is a big nasty can of worms.

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Active Presence Reader - Machine Control


There is a rapidly growing emphasis on workplace safety being driven by regulatory bodies such as OSHA in the USA and the Canada Labour Code. In addition, the introduction of Bill C-45 in Canada established new legal duties for workplace health and safety, and imposes serious penalties for violations that result in injuries or death.

The unrestricted use of dangerous machinery on the shop floor constitutes a significant liability issue for employers as evidenced by a $190K fine paid by Walmart in August 2013 for, amongst other things, “unsafe trash compactor procedures”. Under the settlement, trash compactors must remain locked while not in use, and may not be operated except under the supervision of a trained manager or other trained, designated monitor.

Clearly, hanging a sign on a piece of dangerous shop floor equipment which says “To be used by authorized personnel only” is not adequate.

Access systems have been used for many years to manage physical access to restricted areas. However, they can also provide a cost effective means of insuring that dangerous machinery is only used by trained and authorized operators.

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