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The benefits of moving to Cloud computing are compelling, well recognized and account for the wholesale shift currently underway. With Cloud computing, there is only one instance of the software on a Cloud server and the latest version is immediately available to all customers as soon as it is released. There is no server or client software to buy, install or maintain and customers can manage their system via a web browser from anywhere. Customers pay only for the resources they use via a monthly subscription fee.
Thanks to a partnership with Automation Consultants, who have over 30 years of experience in the development of client/server, web and Cloud based software solutions, we are able to offer the combined benefits of a Cloud based access control software solution, and those of the MAP1 controller. The MAP1 is a perfect complement to Cloud Lock as it can be provisioned for 2 or 4 doors which builds on the concept of only paying for what you need. You can start with 2 doors and upgrade to 4 doors by simply purchasing a new provisioning code. For ease of deployment, the MAP1 has an onboard RJ45 network connection and is equipped with 27 status LEDs to facilitate commissioning and support.
Everyone should be concerned about the security of their data and the integrity of the Cloud server. For that reason, we chose to host Cloud Lock on the IBM SoftLayer platform which is one of the most robust Cloud hosting platforms on earth backed by the biggest name in the industry.

Benefits to Installers

  • Same profit on equipment and install as conventional system
  • No software to install
  • No static panel IPs to be assigned
  • No firewall port forwarding to configure
  • Cloud Lock Partners share in ongoing subscription fee
  • As system grows, your revenue grows whether add-ons are done by you or others
  • MAP1 controller can be provisioned for 2 or 4 readers - pay only for what you need
  • Easier to sell than conventional client/server solutions
  • Support your clients from anywhere via browser – no software required

Benefits to Subscribers

  • No server hardware required and no software to install
  • No client software to install
  • No static IP addresses to assign
  • No port forwarding or other firewall compromises
  • No IT personnel costs - initially or ongoing
  • No up-front software costs
  • System managed by browser from anywhere
  • Single instance of Cloud Lock software constantly updated
  • Cloud Lock software hosted by IBM Softlayer
  • Data automatically backed up
  • Subscription based - pay only for what you use
  • 100,000 cardholders, unlimited readers

Typical Configuration

Cloud Lock Configure