Smartfob Receiver / Transmitter

The SmartFob receiver detects radio frequency (RF) signals from the SmartFob transmitter. Transmitter is also available with optional proximity coil.

SmartFob Receiver

SmartFob Receiver

Note: Effective November 16, 2016, we are to sell the Cansec SmartFob receiver and Transmitters only for existing sites as a service replacement. For all new installations, we are to use CanProx Receivers and Transmitters.

The SmartFob receiver detects radio frequency (RF) signals from the SmartFob transmitter. The receiver comes with two sets of onboard relay contacts, which may be activated via a DIP switch.

 A SmartFob transmitter will cause the relay contacts to toggle on and off for approximately one second. A typical use for these relay contacts is to turn on an indicator light to let users know when data from SmartFob transmitters is received and decoded correctly. After the receiver decodes the RF signal from the transmitter, it will output Wiegand data to an access controller. The SmartFob receiver may be configured via a DIP switch to operate in:

Common Mode - data from Button I and II is sent via AD0 and AD1.
Split Mode - data from Button I is sent via AD0 and AD1, and data from Button II is sent via BD0 and BD1. A typical example of the split mode of operation is IN/OUT functionality for two-door garage applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased signal reception range
  • Better noise filtering (at 315 MHz)
  • Standard 26-bit or Cansec 37-bit Wiegand output to an access controller
  • Interchangeable with existing SFR100 receivers
  • Audible indicators help with troubleshooting
  • RSSI signal indicates RF interference to aid in proper receiver placement
  • Vertical antenna supplied (dipole antenna available)

SmartFob Transmitters

smartfob transmitterWireless Smartfob is a click-operated long range RF transmitter ideally suited for parking access control, providing up to 100 feet of read range. Smartfob offers end user convenience as well as personal security. Cansec uses wireless, omnidirectional RF technology that does not need to be aimed at a receiver or require direct line of sight.

Dual Technology Option

The Smartfob Transmitter is also available with a 125 kHz HID compatible or AWID proximity module. This allows Smartfob to be used on industry standard proximity readers for traditional door access control. This option eliminates the need to carry two credentials.

Features and Benefits
  • Click-operated RF functionality for parking or other long range applications
  • Two Buttons for In/Out Applications
  • Read range up to 100 feet
  • Transmitter conveniently attaches to keyring
  • Standard Wiegand output (26-bit and 37-bit)
  • Smartfob Receiver has two Wiegand ports for Buttons A and B
  • Transmitters cannot be "learned" by other systems
  • Optional 125 kHz HID or AWID proximity module for short range use
  • Compatible with all access control systems

Part Number

CA-SFT200A-37A (37-bit, 125 kHz AWID Compatible)
CA-SFT200A-26A (26-bit, 125 kHz AWID Compatible)
CA-SFT200A-37H (37-bit, 125 kHz HID Compatible)
CA-SFT200A-26H (26-bit, 125 kHz HID Compatible)