First Access® Customizer

Extend First Access Software by Automating Operator Commands


First Access® Customizer is available as an option on First Access® Advanced software and consists of a Toolkit which allows Dealers and End Users to define sequences of operator commands which are compiled into Command Modules and run on the server. Command Modules can be run in three ways:

  • Manually by the operator
  • Automatically in response to a device related event
  • Automatically based on a schedule

What kind of commands can be defined? Virtually any device related command that a live operator could execute. For example;

  • Unlock/Relock reader equipped door
  • Turn output points On/Off
  • Shunt/Un-shunt input points

In addition, some very powerful non-device-related commands can be included in a Command Module, such as changing the Validation/Void Date of a specified card when it is used at a specific reader.

In their simplest form, Command Modules can be a list of operator commands that are to be executed unconditionally when it is run. These might be commands that are to be executed, for example, when a maintenance crew arrives.  When the Crew Arrival Command Module is manually run by the operator, the specified commands will execute. These commands might include;

  • Shunt the door contact on the tool storage room
  • Shunt the motion detector in the tool storage room
  • Activate the output point which controls the electric strike on the rear service door

But what if you only want to unlock the rear service door if the Crew Arrival Command Module is run during working hours? The Customizer handles this simply and elegantly by allowing you to define a time window during which command 3 above will execute.  In this case, during working hours.

The Customizer allows you to define conditions for each command which must exist before that command is executed. In addition to constraining commands to a specific time window, the state of Readers, Inputs and Outputs can be checked before a command is executed.  First Access Customizer to the rescue!

For Readers, the following states can be checked; Locked, Unlocked, Forced Entry Alarm, Door Held Open (DHO) Alarm, Tamper Alarm, Door Contact Open, Lockout Mode ON, and Offline.

For Input Points, the following states can be checked; Alarm, Secure, Trouble, Shunted and Offline.

For Output Points, the following states can be checked; On, Off and Offline.

In addition to running Command Modules manually, the system can be set up to automatically run a specified Command Module when a device related event occurs, such as an input point going into alarm.

The third option for running a Command Module is based on a recurring or one time schedule.


How about the ability to execute a command only when a specified input points has gone into alarm 5 or more times?  Or the ability to deactivate a specific card when it is presented at a specific reader? Or the ability to execute a command a specific number of times? Or the ability to continuously execute a command or commands as long as a specified condition occurs? First Access® Customizer does all these things and more!

Want to learn more? Check out the full First Access Customizer Operators Guide.


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