H1000 Access Control Panel

The H1000 is a two-door access control panel, with each door having IN & OUT readers. It also includes eight onboard inputs & eight onboard outputs.

Cansec is pleased to introduce the all-new feature-filled 32-bit H1000 access control panel. This new panel replaces the CP40 panel and brings with it many benefits and improvements. The H1000 is smaller, more powerful, easier to install and replaces a CP40 and 16 points I/O expansion board. In addition, it includes built-in elevator support for 16 floors per H1000 (max. 64 floors with four H1000 boards).

H1000 Access Control Panel


 The H1000 access controller is available as a two-door access control panel, with each door having IN and OUT readers. The controller also includes eight onboard inputs and eight onboard outputs for added flexibility. As a result, separate input/output boards will no longer be required, resulting in great cost savings!

CP-40 and H1000 Comparison

CP-40 and H1000 Comparison


  • Works with Hurricane & Maestro software
  • Replaces the CP40 board and I/O board
  • 65,000 users
  • 4 readers/2 doors
  • Supports Cansec 37, 26 and HID 35-bit Corporate 1000 Wiegand formats
  • 8 aux. input points (with or without supervision)
  • 8 aux. output relays
  • Supports card + keypad readers
  • Includes elevator control support (16 floors per H1000 - max. 64 floors)
  • Future firmware capability to support up to 8 readers


H1000 Board
H1000 Enclosure
H1000/SL Enclosure

7” (L) x 7” (W) [18 cm (L) x 18 cm (W)]
13” (W) x 19” (H) x 3 5/8” (D)
[33 cm (W) x 48 cm (H) x 9.2 cm (D)]
8 1/2” (W) x 10 1/4” (H) x 31/8” (D)
[21.6 cm (W) x 26 cm (H) x 8 cm (D)]

H1000 Board
H1000 Enclosure

300 g (10.7 oz)
4.3 kg (9.6 lb)
Operating Temperature 
-40˚C to 60˚C
Power Requirements
H1000 Board Only
12VDC / 300 mA (excluding Readers and Locks)
Warranty 5 years


H1000 Door Kits

Elevator Control for up to 16 floors Elevator Control for up to 32 floors
Two-Door Kit
16 Floor Elevator Kit
32 Floor Elevator Kit
Elevator Control for up to 48 floors Elevator Control for up to 64 floors
48 Floor Elevator Kit
64 Floor Elevator Kit


Part Numbers
CA-H1000 (H1000 Board and Enclosure)
(H1000 Board Only)
CA-H1000ENCL (H1000 Enclosure)
(12 VDC / 3A Power Supply)