You can now use your smartphone as your access credential with virtually any Wiegand compatible access control panel thanks to our KINDOO KIN W smartphone credential reader. The KIN W is simple to install and connects to an access control panel like a Wiegand reader and, when triggered by the KINDOO smartphone app, sends Wiegand data to the control panel.

You can retrofit existing systems by installing the KIN W in parallel with an existing reader, allowing the use of conventional cards and fobs as well as smartphones. Alternatively, you can install it on its own when only smartphone access is required.

Smartphone credentials are easily ordered online or through the app and delivered immediately at a price that's competitive with physical credentials.

If you are a KINDOO Installing Partner, you share in the credential revenue for all KIN W devices you've installed. Plus, you'll have access to an online portal where you can track your earned revenue in real time and request transfer of funds.

kindoo kin w

Features & Benefits

  • Wiegand output - compatible with virtually all access control panels
  • KIN W powered from access control panel - no additional wiring required
  • Use in conjunction with existing Wiegand reader or on its own
  • Up to 20 m (65 ft) range
  • Bluetooth® low energy - 2.4 GHz frequency
  • Unlock doors manually or automatically from specified distance
  • Small size allows for simple installation in a secure location within the wall
  • KINDOO app available for iOS® and Android™ phones*
  • KINDOO smartphone credentials are competitively priced with physical credentials
  • Smartphone credentials are ordered online and delivered immediately
  • KINDOO Partners share in credential revenue
  • KINDOO Partners have access to a portal that summarizes their credential revenue

Typical Configurations

Kin W Config


KINDOO KIN W brochure

* Phone internet access is NOT required when issuing a command