SmartLock® Systems

Cansec knows security doesn’t have to be complex.
SmartLock® is a simple, reliable access control system capable of an unlimited amount of facility codes for Cansec 37, 26 and 35-bit Corporate 1000 Wiegand format credentials for high-level security. SmartLock was designed from the ground up to be powerful, while setting a new industry standard for ease of use.

IMPORTANT – End Of Life Notice

SmartLock® Pro Plus is a powerful and intuitive access control solution for up to 120 doors and 4800 users.

It includes all the features and functionality required by system administrators, such as the ability to set Access Schedules, Access Profiles, Holidays, and Unlock Schedules. A comprehensive Task scheduler allows Reader, User, and Audit commands to be executed at a specified date and time or based on a recurring schedule. The included User Management module allows a second workstation to administer cardholders, while the Photo View module adds a layer of security by displaying user photos onscreen for access events.
Additionally, SmartLock® Pro Plus can disarm DSC or Honeywell intrusion panels when an authorized credential is presented at a reader. Optional software allows for seamless NVR integration, Enhanced Attendance Reporting, and Photo Badge Integration with Asure ID.

Smartlock Pro Plus Kit


Features & Benefits

  • Supports up to 120 doors and 4800 users
  • Cost effective even for a one door system
  • Configurable Alarm Queue
  • Programmable Email Alerts
  • MS Access or SQL Database
  • Controllers can be connected RS-485 to USB using CLAUSB or RS-485 to TCP/IP using CanLan II
  • Optional software for NVR integration, Enhanced Attendance Reporting, and Photo Badge Integration with Asure ID

New Standard Features 

  • DSC/Honeywell Intrusion Panel Integration - SmartLock Pro Plus can disarm a DSC or Honeywell intrusion panel when an authorized credential is presented at a reader.
  • Photo View - Displays cardholder photos when their card is used at all or selected readers.
  • Audit View - Allows users on remote computers to view the real time audit transactions.
  • User Management - Allows Personnel or Human Resources departments to add and delete users from the SmartLock Pro Plus system.
  • Momentary Unlock - Allows receptionists to momentarily unlock one or more  selected reader equipped doors from any LAN connected computer to allow access to non-cardholders.


SmartLock Pro Plus Features video
Compatible Printer List for SmartLock Pro Plus Photobadging
  • All FARGO DTC & HDP Printer/Encoders
  • Datacard Card Printers
  • Nisca Card Printers
  • DIS Card Printers
  • Zebra Card Printers
  • Evolis Card Printers

SmartLock Pro Plus Photo Badge Integration with Asure ID

SmartLock Pro & Pro Plus Comparison Chart 

# of Users 4800 4800
# of Supported Facility Codes / Site Codes 4800 4800
# of Doors (with in and out readers) 30 120
# of User Access Schedules 6 30
# of User Access Profiles 255 255
# of Unlock Schedules 59 59
# of Servers/Workstations 1 1
# of Holidays 60 60
Supported Credentials (Cards, Tags, Transmitters) Cansec, HID, Indala  & AWID 26 and 37-bit, HID 35-bit Corp 1000, Maxim Dallas iButton (other bit formats supported / call for further information)
Supported Reader Types
All Wiegand input devices (Card Readers, Keypads, Biometric Units and RF Receivers) 125kHz Cansec, HID, Indala and AWID / 13.56MHz HID iCLASS (standard, SE & SR)
Scheduled Tasksnew icon1 n/a Allows device commands or reports to be scheduled for one-time or recurring execution
Timed Antipassback Yes Yes
User Card Deactivation Based on Usage Count Yes Yes
User Card Auto Validation/Void Yes Yes
Double Card Swipe Unlock Privilege Yes Yes
Individual Door Lockout Capability Yes Yes
First Person In Rule Yes Yes
Alarm Notification Via Emai Yes Yes
Logon Password Option Yes Yes
User First and Last Name Information Single Field For Both Separate Fields
SQL Database new icon1 n/a Microsoft Access and SQL
Photo View Programnew icon1 n/a Allows cardholder photos to be displayed when cards are used
Audit View Programnew icon1 n/a Allows real time audit transactions to be viewed on any LAN connected computer
User Management Programnew icon1 n/a Allows Personnel Dept. to add and delete users from any LAN connected computer
Momentary Unlock Tool new icon1 n/a Allows receptionists to momentarily unlock one or more selected reader equipped doors to allow access to non-cardholders from any LAN connected computer
Photobadge Integration (Asure ID) n/a Optional
NVR Integration: Panasonic ND300 & ND400 Optional Optional
DVR Integration: OpenEye Optional Optional
Attendance Reporting Add-On Optional Optional
Real-time Controller Communication Yes Yes
Autonomous Controller Capability Yes Yes
Controller Archive Retention 1000 Transactions 1000 Transactions
Controller Communication Type RS-485 (2 wire) via USB or TCP/IP
Controller Type Single Door with In & Out Reader Ports
Controller Reader Interface 2 Wiegand Reader Ports / 1 iButton Reader Port
Controller Inputs Door Contact, Exit Request and Handicap/Door Operator
Controller Outputs Door Unlock, Held Open, Handicap/Door Operator
Controller Firmware Version SLPT SLPP
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP,  Vista, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, Windows 7, 8 and 10
Ordering Part # CA-SLSWP
CA-SLSWPPB (with Photobadge)
*Important: Requires Pro controller firmware.
**Important: Requires Pro Plus controller firmware.