TruckStop Vehicle Systems

TruckStop fleet management system is your answer to meeting workplace safety requirements & reducing costs associated with equipment damage & abuse.

TruckStopTM Express - Lift Truck and Service Vehicle Control

Improve safety and reduce costs associated with operator accidents and abuse. A revolutionary new fleet management system which prevents unauthorized personnel from using lift trucks, service vehicles and other equipment where use must be restricted. TruckStopTM provides you with a complete audit trail of activity allowing operators to be held accountable.

TruckStop Vehicle Systems TruckStop Vehicle Systems

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces maintenance costs through accountability
  • Installs in less than two hours on most vehicles and equipment
  • Enroll up to 100 Driver Keys per TCU
  • Software supports up to 255 trucks
  • Does not affect original equipment warranty as it does not engage any starting motors
  • Compliant with Bill C-45 and OSHA requirements


Controller Dimensions 113 mm x 126 mm x 44 mm (4 7/16" x 4 15/16" x 1 3/4")
Reader Dimensions 44 mm x 114 mm x 28 mm (1 3/4" x 4 31/64" x 1 7/64")
Weight 840 g [1.85 Ibs]
Operating Temperature -20o C to 70o C (-4o F to 158o F)
Power Requirements 12 VDC to 48 VDC, 30 VDC maximum for resistive loads of 10 A
Warranty  1 year (Controller, Reader and Key)


Go to the TruckStop Official Website for more detail.

Driver Key
Each iButton key contains a unique 64-bit serial number and cannot be duplicated. Small enough to be carried on a key ring, but tough enough to withstand harsh conditions. The keys are hermetically sealed for safety and durability.
Driver KeyDriver Card
Optionally, a TruckStop Express Proximity Reader Add On Kit may be added to the system. Proximity cards for this reader are available in 37-bit AWID format.


Proximity Reader
Proximity Card Proximity Reader

TruckStop Kits

Truck Reader      Truck Controller            External Automotive Relay       Software
Truck Reader  
Truck Control Unit  
External Automotive Relay 
Truck Reader - The iButton® reader is constructed of high-impact plastic. It can be cage or dash mounted, depending on the truck.
Truck Control Unit - The TCU can store the ID numbers of up to 100 Driver Keys. All information is stored in this non-volatile controller.
External Automotive Relay
- 12 VDC, 40 A, SPDT relay
Software - TruckStop Software is Windows compatible and is used for programming Driver Keys as well as tracking usage through reports.


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