Your wait is over! Cloud Lock, our latest in cloud-based technology, does all the heavy lifting for you.

Now you can be a cutting-edge locksmith without having to worry about all the geeky details.

Manage systems from anywhere. With traditional access control, software runs from a computer on site and you manage the system from that computer only. Cloud Lock allows you to fully administer a system from anywhere you have an internet connection –even from your smartphone.

Systems are always current. Many of your customers’ systems are probably running old software that’s never been updated. With Cloud Lock, you’re always using the latest version: updates are applied to all systems as soon as they’re released.

Customer data is safer and more secure.You’re probably not a fan of constantly backing up system data and being at the mercy of a temperamental server, and neither are your customers. Cloud Lock is hosted on IBM cloud servers, which means data transfer is fast and secure, while system backups are automatic.

No more complex configuration. Forget about asking IT for help with things like IP address configuration during a system setup. Start using smart control panels that connect automatically without any configuration. Simply add the controller’s MAC address into your Cloud Lock environment and the controller will be online within seconds.

You collect ongoing subscription fees. When you sell and install at least one Cloud Lock system per year to a new subscriber, you collect 25% of the subscription fees for as long as you’re a Cloud Lock Partner.

Try it out! For a limited time, get a four-month free trial of Cloud Lock – with no obligation.