Introduction KINDOO

They are companies registered as Cansec partners who have technicians or installers that are trained to install and configure the Kindoo products. Once registered using the Kindoo smartphone application, each company will be assigned a PIN number of their choice. The PIN number should then be shared among the technicians or the installers of their companies. When the technicians or installers use the Kindoo application to configure the Kindoo products they will be prompted to enter their company name and PIN number.

The Kindoo application is a smartphone application that can be run on both iOS or Android platforms. The Kindoo application is used by the installers or system administrators and by the regular users. The administrators use it as a tool to manage the Kindoo products, e.g. KIN W or KIN D.

For the KIN W type, the Kindoo application is also used as a digital card similar to a card or a fob. The regular users can only use the Kindoo application as a digital card. 

KIN W DigitalCard web

For the KIN D type, the Kindoo application is also used as a means to authenticate with the Kindoo server before gaining access to certain devices. The regular users can only use the Kindoo application to gain access to certain devices but cannot use it to manage those devices.

KIN D User web

No purchase is necessary. It can be freely downloaded from the application stores of the smartphones. Only KIN W digital cards and  KIN D users must be purchased.

The phone must support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or else it will not work and you will get an error message mentioning that your phone does not support BLE when using the Kindoo application. The phone operating system can either be iOS or Android and the phone must have an active internet connection.

If you are the installer then please use the application to register as a Cansec partner on behalf of your company if your company has not already done so. Once registered you will be assigned a PIN number of your choice. You can then login using your email address to create and manage sites installed with KIN W readers. However, if you are a regular user then please just sign up for an account using your email address then log in.

The installer, who wires up and configures the KIN W (or KIN D) with the Kindoo application, is the first administrator of the site or premise. The installer uses the application to send email invitations to other users, e.g. superintendent and manager, of a premise and designates them as additional site administrators or as regular users. Administrators can add or remove any administrator, manager or user. Site administrators can only view and manage sites that they are authorized. However, installers can view and manage all the sites that he has created but his administrative role may be removed at any time by the site administrator, e.g. superintendent, or leave his role intact for the purpose of supporting the site.

There are 3 roles defined. Administrators, Manager and Guest. Administrators have full management access to the system. Managers can only invite, revoke and assign digital card to guests. Guests can only use the application as digital card.

A site is the location where at least one KIN W (or KIN D) reader is installed. The installer uses the Kindoo application to create and name the site, e.g. Main Office, ABC Corp, etc. There can be many KIN W (or KIN D) readers installed at a site, and each KIN W (or KIN D) reader must be individually scanned, configured and named accordingly, e.g. front door, back door, etc, and added to the site.

Yes you may create multiple sites if you have different premises, but the site creation must be done by one of the Cansec registered partners.

No, your company needs to register only once. You just need to sign up for an account, if you have not done so, then login. When creating any new site you will be prompted for the name of your company and the PIN number assigned to your company when first registered as a partner. However, if you company has not registered then you can register on behalf of your company.