KIN D is a low Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) reader equipped with a dry contact relay. The relay can be used to connect to and control a single device, e.g. a lock, a gate, etc. Please refer to the installation guide for power requirements and wiring instructions. The KIN D reader is not a NFC reader and it does not support Wiegand output. If you are looking for the Wiegand output reader then it is the KIN W reader which must be connected to an access control system. The KIN D is usually installed and configured by the installer of a Cansec registered partner.

Typical Electric Strike

KIN D wiring with strike

Typical Dry Contact Interface

KIN D wiring with devices


KIN D can be used in place of a simple access control system. The Kindoo application stores information in the Kindoo cloud server, and as such all managements and authorizations can be done in the Kindoo application and the information is propagated and applied from the Kindoo server to all other authorized phones only when the Kindoo application is launched from those phones. This is convenient in some situations. For example, at anytime and anywhere you can authorize certain users to access your devices, e.g. lock or gate, by sending email invitations. Those users can just download the Kindoo application and use it to access the device. When done, you can just revoke those users at any time and those users can be reused without having to purchase more users.

Normally the installer configures and manages the KIN D reader via the Kindoo application installed on a smartphone. After the setup is done, the installer then transfers the administrative role over to the end user, e.g. superintendent or manager.

The Kindoo application uses Bluetooth Low Energy signal through the phone to communicate with the KIN D reader. It’s the Kindoo application that communicates with the KIN D reader but not the phone itself. The application communicates with the Kindoo server via internet connection and relays the commands to be executed to the KIN W. As such the smartphone is required to have internet connection for it to work.KIN D User web

The KIN D itself does not require internet access at all since it’s hard wired to a device and communicates with smartphones via BLE signal. However, since the KIN D is hooked up to a device, e.g. a lock or a gate, etc, the smartphone requires internet access to verify with the Kindoo server for any interaction with the device. The verification can be related to checking if you are authorized to interact with the device and at which time, etc.

KIN D User web

No purchase is necessary. It can be freely downloaded from the application stores of the phones. The Kindoo application can be used to gain access to certain devices hooked up to the KIN D readers, therefore the number of users who use the Kindoo application must be purchased from within the Kindoo application. This number of users can be understood as number of slots. The purchase can only be carried out by the system administrator.

Only the system administrator can make a purchase through the Kindoo application, and a credit card is required to be entered in the application. There are two options, permanent-user or monthly-user subscription. Both options require a minimum number of 5 users when ordered and an increment of 5 users thereafter.

From your phone, please ensure that Bluetooth is enabled and the phone has an active internet connection. Place your phone close to the KIN D reader while scanning. If the KIN D has already been allocated to a site to which you are not authorized then you will get that error message. If you are still not able to scan it, please verify that it is correctly installed and powered on. Also, if you have a KIN W and not a KIN D then that error message will also appear. See KIN W section for more information.

Once the system administrator has purchased user slots, he will then assign you, via email invitation, a user slot and authorize you to access certain devices. You just have to login to the application using your email address and password. Next, leave the application run in the foreground and it will emit a BLE signal to the KIN D reader which in turn controls your device. It does not work if the application running in the background and if there is no internet connection from your phone.

Unfortunately no. You will be prompted to activate the new phone upon login and the old phone will be deactivated automatically.

Please logout from the Kindoo application in the old phone and login to the Kindoo application in the new phone using the same email address and password. You will be prompted to activate the new phone upon login and the old phone will be deactivated automatically.