Embedded Web Server

The MAP1 controller can be provisioned with Webster firmware to create an embedded web server supporting up to 4 doors. Just plug it into the LAN network and use a standard browser on your PC or tablet to manage the Webster system. No software to install. Same price as a standard MAP1.
Webster provides a feature set which is comparable to most host based systems and  supports up to 5,000 cardholders with any Facility Codes. Unlike some embedded web servers, Webster allows multiple concurrent operators to be connected, each with their own user name and password. Webster supports standard 26, Cansec 37 and Corporate 1000 35/48 Wiegand formats for maximum flexibility. Full support is provided for Access Profiles, Access Schedules, Unlock Schedules and Holiday Schedules. Other features include First Man Rule, Unlock Privilege, Daylight Saving Time and Selective Power Door Operator activation.

Typical Configuration

webster configuration2


 Readers 2 / 4
 Onboard Network TCP/IP Yes
 Self-contained Yes
 Audit Buffer (transactions) 200k
 Facility Codes (FC) Unlimited
 Card Capacity  5,000 with any FC or ID
 Cansec 37-bit Yes
 Standard 26-bit Yes
 Corporate 1000 -35/48-bit Yes
 Auto Void/Validate Yes
 Schedule Time Resolution 1 min
 Access Schedules 256
 Unlock Schedules 4
 Holiday Periods (From - To) 40
 Concurrent Operators 20
 Daylight Saving Time Yes
 Unlock Privilege Yes
 First Man Rule Yes
 Door Operator Output Yes
 Access Profiles 64
 File Export Yes
Scheduled Command Yes


Part Numbers


CA-MAP12WB (2-Door Configuration)
CA-MAP14WB (4-Door Configuration)
CA-MAP12U4WB (2-Door Provisioning Upgrade to 4-Door)


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