Proximity Readers

Supporting both AWID® and HID® 125 kHz proximity protocols simultaneously, Cansec’s CanProx Reader offers traditional, no-touch access control using a variety of Cansec, AWID® and HID® credentials. This popular product provides convenience, reliability and tough security.

Active Presence Reader For Machine Control

Active Prensence ReaderThere is a rapidly growing emphasis on workplace safety being driven by regulatory bodies such as OSHA in the USA and the Canada Labour Code. In addition, the introduction of Bill C-45 in Canada established new legal duties for workplace health and safety, and imposes serious penalties for violations that result in injuries or death. Clearly, hanging a sign on a piece of dangerous shop floor equipment which says “To be used by authorized personnel only” is not adequate. Fortunately, the Active Presence Reader (APR) solves this problem by confirming the continued presence of an individual’s access card at the reader. By simply sliding the card into the reader clip, the APR will trigger a built-in relay after being validated by ANY connected access control panel. Removing the card immediately disables the controlled machine.  


Typical Configuration

APR configurarion mc

Click HERE to see a video - how does the Active Presence Reader work?

Features & Benefits

  • Works with certain HID® and AWID® 125 kHz proximity protocols cards
  • Integrates with all access control panels
  • GO/NO-GO decisions made by access control system
  • ON/OFF events audited by access control system
  • Utilization reports can be generated from audit data
  • Can be used with virtually any type of machinery



Wall mount

Operating Temperature
40 mm (W) x 98 mm (H) x 17 mm (D)
[1.6 in (W) x 3.9 in (H) x 0.7 in (D)]
70 mm (W) x 115 mm (H) x 25 mm (D)
[2.8 in (W) x 4.5 in (H) x 1.0 in (D)]
85 g (3 oz)
Indoor or outdoor
-40˚C to 60˚C (-40˚F to 149˚F)
125 kHz
FCC and CE
5 Years
Part Number
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