Integrated Photo Badging

Asure ID Photobadge software available for First Access® Advanced, SmartLock Pro Plus & Hurricane.

Asureid ID Photo Badge

Behind the friendly interface, HID’s Asure ID is a productivity powerhouse with tools and capabilities to support sophisticated ID card applications. Whether you are new to ID badging or a power user, Asure ID helps you design and produce ID cards with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

If you have used the latest version of Microsoft® Office, the Asure ID user interface will seem familiar. This is because it is based on the Microsoft Ribbon. Tab-driven navigation with convenient tools and fly-out control palettes makes using Asure ID simple and powerful and complements the Cansec First Access® Advanced, SmartLock Pro Plus and Hurricane software with which it is integrated.

The Asure ID user interface provides an excellent speed boost to designing cards and everything you need to design and populate a card is right in front of you. Routine tasks can be performed with a couple of mouse clicks.

Card designs can contain both static text and graphics as well as data fields which are linked to data stored in the First Access® Advanced, SmartLock Pro Plus or Hurricane cardholder database.  

Once a card design has been created through the Asure ID user interface, all cardholder management is done through the First Access® Advanced, SmartLock Pro Plus or Hurricane application. This includes the direct capture of cardholder images using a suitable USB camera or the retrieval of photos from an external database.

When a cardholder is added, they are easily assigned one of the existing card templates. Cards can be previewed and printed directly from the First Access® Advanced, SmartLock Pro Plus or Hurricane cardholder management screen.

Part Numbers

CA-FAPB First Access® Advanced Integrated photo badging with Asure ID. Software key required
CA-SLSWPPB SmartLock Pro Plus Software with Photobadging. Software key required. Note: Legacy Pro controllers require CA-SLPPFW firmware chip upgrade.
Hurricane Integrated Photo ID Badging with Asure ID. Hurricane Asure ID Badge is composed of two pieces of software which require their own software keys:
  •        Hurricane Asure ID Badge software
  •        HID Asure ID Developer’s Edition



Asure ID Photo Badge for SmartLock